Rich Wilkens

Hi, I'm Rich Wilkens, personal trainer and CEO/Owner of Fit@Home. You've probably seen some of my clients on shows like "Law and Order," or in movies like "Monster-in-Law." You may have even seen some of my clients while watching the Super Bowl or World Series. I don't have a "cookie cutter" approach to training; I see all my clients as individuals with different needs and motivations. I've found that there is nothing more rewarding than helping my clients reach their personal fitness goals. This goes far beyond helping them become more lean or giving them the confidence to feel better about themselves. The improvement in the lives of my clients, as well as the enjoyment they receive daily as a result of their personal training, is why I do this. I may only work with each client less than an hour a day, but I know they are enjoying the benefits of improved energy, health, and fitness all day long -- and that's what it's all about.

I started my professional career in New York City in the late nineties. Being mentored by the world's best personal trainers was a invaluable experience. That experience enabled me to craft my own unique style. This style combined highly effective fat burning/functional exercises into groups that seamlessly weave into a fun and creative workout. At the age of 24, I was named head trainer at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Ave. During my tenure there, I trained celebrities, CEOs, world class athletes, and many others. From a young age I knew I had figured out a workout system that provided great results, but ultimately I realized it was my personality and positive energy that enabled me to connect with my clients, inspiring them to work to their full potential.

I later went on to form Rx Fitness, a personal training company that partnered with Atlantic Health's outpatient physical therapy, the official health care of the New York Jets. Our facility offered the highest level of personal training paired with sports rehabilitation. Having a chance to work alongside the top physical therapists and doctors, I learned things very few trainers had access to. This allowed me to provide my clients with an even higher level of expertise so I could better serve people who were dealing with ailment and chronic injuries.

Now located in Chattanooga, my new fitness company Fit@Home offers an incomparable level of experience and expertise. I wanted to provide a service that saves time, ensures results, and offers privacy and convenience. No one I know has ever regretted losing weight or improving their health/performance. The improvements and enjoyment that clients experience in their daily lives as a result of their personal training is why I do what I do. Without your health, nothing else matters. Fit@Home allows me to offer an unprecedented level of service with professionalism, consistency and distinction.

If you would like to try a training session please call or email me today.

Best in Health,

Rich Wilkens

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