Fit@Home is a Chattanooga based personal training company created by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Rich Wilkens, who specializes in in-home personal training. Fit@Home creates and implements individualized fitness programs designed for our clients to achieve his or her fitness goals at home, in the office, or in the great outdoors. Our service is designed to fit both your needs and your schedule.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Q. Have you tried to lose weight and/or improve your fitness level, only to make little to no progress? A: Fit@Home provides the knowledge and expertise to develop a comprehensive, results-oriented fitness program that will challenge and motivate you. Whatever your goal, you will see results!

Q. Do you have trouble fitting a workout into your schedule? A: Fit@Home makes exercise possible for people with busy lifestyles. We bring the gym to you! In the time it takes to drive to a traditional gym, change your clothes etc., you could be finishing your workout at home, ready to spend that extra time with family and friends.

Q. Are you tired of that gym atmosphere? A: Fit@Home removes all the distractions of a traditional gym. No longer will you have to worry about what to wear or how crowded the gym will be. With Fit@Home you'll find a positive environment where the focus is on achieving your goals.

Q. Do you want help from a fitness professional who is committed to reaching your personal fitness goals? A: Fit@Home specialists get results. Our trainers have the practical experience and knowledge needed to work with a wide variety of clients. This includes clients with demanding careers, mothers/pregnant mothers, athletes, senior citizens, children and those with special conditions (obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes).

Q. Are you tired of the same old workout over and over without seeing results? A: With Fit@Home's proven system you'll see the changes you have been looking for!

Q Do you think you're "too busy" or "too tired" to start working out? A: Believe us, a perfect time to start will never come. Stop procrastinating and get started with a Fit@Home Personal Trainer today!

"Live a life you love in a body you love"
Fit@Home CEO Rich wilkens


"I Just wanted to say thank you because I now love to workout. I enjoy it more, and have exceeded all of my initial goals. I would strongly encourage any prospective client to go through with their decision to train with Fit@Home."

Val T.

Fit@Home Benifits

Time & Efficiency
- Time is precious and going to the gym can be a lengthy affair. Let us bring the gym to you! Fit@Home gives you the option of multi-tasking and working out at the same time. You choose the day and the time that you wish to exercise. No longer will you have to "think" about what to do. Give your brain a rest and let an expert guide you through a workout garunteed to produce results.

Accountability - The reason 90 percent of gym members stop going to the gym is because of a lack of accountability. With Fit@Home you'll have a fitness professional to keep you motivated, challenged, and will moniter your progress. A recent study in The American Journal of Medicine revealed that those who workout at home with a personal trainer exercise on a more consistent basis than those who do neither. Even more impressive is those same people were able to maintain a consistant weight once they acheived their weight loss. Consistency brings results. With Fit@Home you'll find the consistency needed to achieve those same results.

Affordability - Fit@Home has programs to fit every budget. It's ironic people are willing to spend money on clothes, dining out, entertainment, and cars, when all would be far more enjoyable with a new, better looking body brimming with confidence. Your heath and the way you feel about yourself, are your most valuable assets.

Comfort/Convenience - No long trips to the gym; no intimidation; no confusing machines. Fit@Home is all about personal attention that gets maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. Work out, get fit, feel great -- right in the privacy of your home or office.


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