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Why should I choose Fit@Home over its competitors?
Apples to apples, we have no legitimate competitors! No one else in the Chattanooga area offers in-home customized weight loss, health, and fitness programs with the level of experience and customer service that Fit@Home does -- nobody.
How often should I meet with my personal trainer?
How often you meet with their personal trainer depends on your individual goals, fitness level, and schedule. Most clients typically train two to three times per week.
How much does Fit@Home cost?
The total cost of training will depend on the program you choose. One-on-one personal training averages between $40 and $60 per session. Group sessions start as low as $20. We offer flexible payment plans. If you choose to work with us, we will find a program that will fit your budget.
Do you guarantee results?
Yes, Fit@Home guarantees results. In just one short month you will look and feel completely different. We only use methods that have been proven to work, no gimmicks.
I worked with a personal trainer at a gym and didn't get good results. Why should I try it again?
Remember, Fit@Home is not a gym and we're not just personal trainers. Itís not our job to simply work you out. Itís our job to change your life by working with you one-on-one to achieve your fitness goals, to answer your questions, to educate you about nutrition, to motivate you, and to keep you accountable.
Do I need any equipment or do you provide it?
You don't need any equipment. We bring everything to you. All of our programs incorporate functional/core movements. We don't use one dimensional "gym" machines that focus on isolating a single muscle; these are things of the past. We will use only the most current and results orientated routines to achieve maximum results.
How long are your sessions?
We offer 35 minute sessions and 55 minute sessions. Experience has taught us that 35-55 minutes is all it takes when you know what you're doing. You will achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible. We will never endorse long, boring workouts that over train and stress the body.
Can't I just buy an exercise video instead of hiring a personal trainer?
You probably already have. Or you have a treadmill or home gym or some other exercise gizmo you bought from an informercial. These items typically don't work well and people quickly get bored with the repetitive exercises they offer. More important is the fact that it takes motivation to use them, motivation that, often times, goes missing. Fit@Home provides the motivation. You will never get bored with our fun and challenging workouts.
How do I get started?
Schedule your first session now at 50% off by calling us today at 423-605-3677. You can also e-mail us at free@Fitathomeusa.com. We are excited to meet you and can't wait to help reach your fitness goals in the fastest time possible.

Fit@Home offers your first training session at 50% off! Schedule your half off session today and see if working with an expert personal trainer is the right action plan for you!

"Rich is a rare find. He has transformed my body and my life for the better. My back aches are gone, i have new muscle tone, and i am much stronger. Even my bone density has improved. I am lucky to have this wonderful, knowledgeable person in my life. I could have never done any of this on my own, this is no better person to train with..."
Stacey M.

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